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A twenty-something Finnish translation student & circus teacher.

Currently neck-deep in Dragon Age.


WRONG by IdaHarra

There is a sun burning on his brows, etched into his skin. The burned skin is raw and red, and the smooth skin around it swollen, shiny.

Wrong, he thinks. And then: I should be angry.

But that, too, it a mere observation. 

I got Damir feels, so here’s a leetle snippet from shortly after Damir was made Tranquil (after living most fo his life terrified of and LOUDLY objecting to the Rite).

Damir Anangar is part of Eirien Travelyan's canon, but I'm also playing a kind of a what-if playthrough with him. ^u^ It's been great so far.

This… was meant to be like a mirror image but then it’s NOT a mirror image, so, uh, imagine you’re looking at him from the OTHER side of the mirror? :D

[Tumblr] Do not repost. ^^

The unholy scribble dump by IdaHarra
The unholy scribble dump
Check the download view for easier reading! All comic strips are read top-down. :)

One of my favorite things to do to relax is just scribble things, and my favorite thing to scribble lately has been my Hawke, and specifically my Hawke and Anders together. :)

Also feat. Carver Hawke, the cat that parked herself in Hawke and Anders's hideout and had kittens, said kittens, and my Inquisitor Eirien Travelyan.
Favorite Weapons by IdaHarra
Favorite Weapons

30 Day Drawing Challenge - Day 16: Favorite weapon

Canon-wise it was a toss-up between Cold-blooded and Freedom’s Promise, but I think I’m just sliightly more fond of Cold-blooded because it speaks to my ice-loving heart. ^^ Cold-blooded can be bough in the Wounded Coast in Dragon Age 2.

Aaand my OTHER favorite is not even canonical so I’m honkin my own horn here for a bit, but I AM ridiculously fond of my Hawke’s Shepherd’s Crook, which is my own creation. :)

Jay’s Crook was discreetly commissioned for him through the Mages’ Collective by Malcolm. Thought its appearance mimics that of wood, it is actually made of metal, and quite heavy, which is both useful and appropriate for a shepherd’s tool. It had subtly engraved runes under the wrapping and along the shaft’s wood-grain pattern that make it especially suitable for force magic and ice - both of which Jay showed an aptitude for quite early on.

The staff looks unassuming, and the lack of a blade makes it look unsuitable for an offensive style, but in truth is a very forceful tool, and very much meant for both attack and defence, and should all else fail, Jay can always justsmack people with it.

The staff was designed to look like a commonplace thing that any shepherd might have - half for utility, and half as a joke Jay has always found exceedingly funny (much to Carver’s dismay).


Gwen and Josie by IdaHarra
Gwen and Josie

30 Day Drawing Challenge - Day 18: Your romance in DA:O, DA2, or DA:I

Brain: *deep inhale* HAN-
Me: No. Not today. Not for the challenge anyway…

I don’t paint Gwen and Josie enough. <3. Josie is my absolutely favorite romance in DA:I she’s adorable I can’t handle it.


  • Mood: Artistic
  • Listening to: The click of the keyboard
  • Reading: Game of Thrones
  • Watching: Supernatural
  • Playing: Tomb Rider 1 !!!
  • Eating: joulutorttus
  • Drinking: Tea and limenade.

I always get ideas for comic books or graphic novels, but after drawing three or four pages, I lose the momentum, and the project dies. Same happens with all kinds of things, but with comic books it's particularly annoying because then it's not the matter of losing momentum as such, but more like being tired of drawing, wearing oneself out. I work much better in spurts than in marathon.

It never occurred to me that while I may or may not be incapable of DRAWING a comic, I could try my hand at writing one. I got CeltX (a good, free script writing tool) for an assignment (writing a scene for a tv show) and it's been sitting unused ever since, and just yesterday it hit me. Why on Earth do I not WRITE A SCRIPT if I can't put the story into prose form, and can't draw it?

I think I've written about 15 script pages since then. And it's been brilliant. I have visuals twirling in my head. Pretty pictures in a style that reminds me of Marvel and Modesty Blaise, and a new-ish Tex Willer I read a couple of years back. I think it was a Tex Willer anyway. I can never pull that off if and when I decide to start working on the actual comic, working from the script you know, but that doesn't matter. As long as the pictures float around in my head, I'm happy. I like writing what I see without worrying about the language and syntax and that kind of things. xD No one else needs to see the script! :D

I'm writing about an angel and a demon who start investigating why the angel now carries a child of a human and a demon, because she is neither, obviously. They run around my home town (masked into someplace else) and the general whereabouts, hire a folklore specialist and a shaman guy to help them, and explore Finnish mythology, general demonology and religion, and their own troubled pasts. Someone's going to kill me for blasphemy, but people have written worse things. :D Just look at Supernatural.

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