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A twenty-something Finnish translation student & circus teacher.

Currently neck-deep in Dragon Age.


Cold day in the Frostbacks by IdaHarra
Cold day in the Frostbacks

How to survive a REALLY cold day in the Frostbacks. ^u^

The white cat is doing the “WHERE CAN I JUMP” dance, and on the floor, Apostate is bummed about being too big and too clumsy and too old to jump anywhere at all, poor old girl. ;u; I don't know who the cats are but I DO know they look nothing like cats I've drawn these two housing before, so... new litter?
See Tumblr for a black and white version and a detail shot! :D

Companion Jay outfits by IdaHarra
Companion Jay outfits
I'm playing with the idea of what my Jay Hawke would be like as a COMPANION in DA2 - he wouldn't obviously be a Hawke, but Jay he would still be. ^u^ Here are the outfit designs I came up with.

Dragon Age 2 (c) BioWare
Damir's endgame by IdaHarra
Damir's endgame

Damir’s endgame! 8D

  • During his stay with the Inquisition Damir helps the Tranquil who have made home in the Inquisition’s Mage Tower.
  • He was very interested in the knowledge of the cure for Tranquility, and involved himself in the research.
  • Just before the Exalted Council Inquisitor Eirien Trevelyan received a letter from Jay Hawke and Anders, who likewise had been told of the cure, saying that they (or, rather JUSTICE and they) could help in that matter, and attempt curing and helping any Tranquil who were willing somewhere safe and remote. They offered their back room and side building for their use. Eir passes this letter on to Damir.
  • When the Inquisition was disbanded, Damir bid farewell to Eirien and traveled to Jay and Anders’ little farm with those Tranquil who were willing to try the cure.
  • He kept note of everything, and helped in all that he could, and kept track of the correspondence with the outside, arranging for new Tranquil to come in and those who could leave to find a new life. He also kept house-watch when Jay and Anders traveled.
  • He never asked to be cured himself, but spent his life doing something he found important.
Find HERE on Tumblr (with his old hairdo, too). Also check out the follow-up on why Damir chose to remain Tranquil HERE.
Hugs'n'kisses by IdaHarra
There hasn't been much Handers stuff in my art like lately and that is UNACCEPTABLE. Remedied that a little with this! ^u^

Anders (c) BioWare, the Hawke design is my own. :)
Ancient elves reaction by IdaHarra
Ancient elves reaction

“We may have forgotten so many things, and understood other things wrong, but that doesn’t change what our culture as it is today means to us. Meant to us. Both. My vallaslin isn’t a slave-mark to me - it is a sign of my adulthood, and symbolizes not what or who the ancient June was, but what values are attached to the name now. And that is what I can teach my children - both these histories, and that both of them matter, and that we must try to remember, but also that culture changes - and it will now, Solas made sure of that.

“And will remember. I am a Keeper now, even if for a dead clan. It is my job to remember.”

Something something words??? A fancy-ish reply to a question by zenlord22 (why won't you tag DevArt hmmHHH?) that was supposed to be longer and more color coordinated PFFT. ANYWAY. DIDN’T HAPPEN, WON’T HAPPEN. Oops.

Animated version here:…

  • Listening to: a tomb raider stream
  • Reading: Terry Pratchett's "Rairing steam"
  • Watching: a tomb raider stream xD
  • Playing: n/a
  • Eating: chocolate
  • Drinking: Tea
I got tagged in a thing by WritterInTheArtHat , and while I'm answering the questions I'm being a poor player and otherwise ignoring the rules (I'm firmly againt rules that say you HAVE to follow them in for-fun things lmao). xD SORRY not sorry!

1. What's your favourite fandom?

Hm, I only really participate in the Dragon Age fandom myself, and don't actively follow many others, so I guess the Dragon Age fandom...? There are parts of it that I don't enjoy but I'm actively making sure I don't SEE that part of the fandom much and fandom is what you make of it, so. ^u^

2. Who is your OTP? (One true pairing)

Hawke x Anders (DA2), and nobody is surprised. Also Anders x happiness in general. ^u^ 

3. Do you prefer writing or drawing?

Drawing, by a wide margin. I enjoy both, but I'm far more comfident in what I can do in drawing compared to what I can do in writing, and more confident in doing it in less quality in public than writing poorly and showing that to other people, which to me is a definite marker of being more at home with drawing. :) I used to like writing more, but that changed at some point.

4. Who is your favourite youtuber? What do they do?

I don't regularly follow & watch many youtubers, but I frequently watch Markiplier, particularly the playthroughs of some scarier games. I also enjoy Peter Hollens' work a lot (a capella), and Malukah (same), and Miracle of Sound (fannish metal music!). :)

5. What is your dream job?

I'd like to be able to do something with my art - whether this would be in the game industry or somewhere else, I don't know, but SOMETHING to do with painting as much as my little heart and head can take would be great! :) Also I'd like to continue teaching in circus for as long as that's possible.

6. When was the last time you cleaned your room?


7. What book did you read last?

Terry Pratchett's "Thud!", though not completely, because a newer Pratchett book ("Raising steam") came along, but I got close enough to the end for it to count, and I know how it ends anyway, this being my tenth reading of it or so. xD Fantasy, humor, satire, and most importantly, Mister Vimes, who is DEFINITELY one of my favorite characters ever.

8. What is your most precious object of nerd junk?

Hum erm erm what DO I own that might be classified as nerd junk...? 

9. Are you married/dating anyone?

Nope! ^u^

10. Do you have a second language?

English is my second language! ^u^My mother tongue is Finnish. I've been learning English since I was six years old.

11. Do you read comics?

Not really? I'll read the occasional Donald Duck, and I love Neil Gaiman's Sandman graphic novels, if those count! :D I'm really bummed that I lost my copy of whichever I used to own booo! Other than that? Not really!

12. What is your theme song?

Don't have one! I don't think in songs at all, so this kind of questions mainly make me go ??? xD 

13. Are you doing this instead of something important like chores or homework?

Nope! It's almost 9pm and I just came back from a visit to my parents in another part of the country so it's officially Relaxing Time! 8) I have chocolate and everything!

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