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Moominquisition by IdaHarra
:D This came about when I thought (and said out loud) that Cole looks exactly like he walked out of a moomin book, and then a friend said Varric should be a moomin, and it kind of just rolled out from there. xD (Also the name mashes up too perfectly WTF.)

Dorian as a hemulen, Cole as a mymble/snufkin thing, Josephine as a fillyfjonk, Leliana as a mymble, Cullen as a toffle/whomper, Sera as another mymble (the Littly My kind), the Iron Bull as… er, one of them moomin? things with horns, Varric as a moomin, Cassandra as a… louska. What is that in English; I'm not bothering to find out? Blackwall as a muskrat, Vivienne as a mymble, aaaand Solas as a ??? idk one of those things with the nose. xD

The characters were chosen based on appearance and/or nature, no real system there. c:

Please DO NOT repost anywhere without permission. If you want to share this on Tumblr, my original post is here for you to reblog:…

(OH. I still haven't played the game. I know of these characters only what my Tumblr dashboard has told me, and the occasional videos I've watched on YouTube. So this is based on very vague impressions!)
Signs in the Sky by IdaHarra
Signs in the Sky
The blood mage thing I last posted did something, removed itself from the DA universe, flipped over its head, and now there's this mage and a warrior and a little girl living in my head and demanding I write fluff about braiding hair.

This was background practice officially because my backgrounds... well. I rarely put any effort into them. So this time I had to do more than just swishy blotches and smears and actually work on it more than as an afterthought. :) One day I will paint landscapes like a champ!
Blood mage closeup by IdaHarra
Blood mage closeup
Because I left the final file pretty small and not detail-friendly, here's also a close-up of the mage's face and the bunny brooches. c:
Blood mage by IdaHarra
Blood mage
aka. the terrible dangerous blood mage with bunny brooches. So scary!

This was inspired by Dragon Age, blood mages, and that you can apparently have your male Inquisitor wear their hair in a bun (I don't HAVE Inquisition but I have read so much about it. I'll finally get my hands on it like three years from now and I will have made all choices already before stepping into game!). And if I have a weakness, it's people with buns. MESSY buns, even better. The bun in the game is a smooth bun but dammit if I want to paint men with messy buns I WILL and nothing can stop me. ^^ I don't know who this is, what his name is, but he is starting to live his own life in my head anyway. :) Future Inquisitor???

Armor/clothes inspired by DA concepts and existing armor models but no references were used for them at all.

When I was nearing the final stages (pants, hem of shirt, scarf) I made a saving oops and now my .psd file is flat. HAH. Oh well, I never really WANTED to touch those things, really, they were boring, so I left it there and decreed that I can be sloppy if I want. This WAS only supposed to be a sketch to begin with after all. xD Everything that happened past that point is a bonus!
The Massive Dragon Age 2 Meme (SPOILERS) by IdaHarra
The Massive Dragon Age 2 Meme (SPOILERS)
Phew! I decided that I would do this meme without seeing how long it really was and ahaha there we go nearly lost patience towards the end but didn't!

Original blank meme here er except I don't know how to link with this thing er. WELL it's here on DA! D: I'll figure this out! Here? <da:thumb id="201309649">

Hokay so the whole thing contains spoilers obviously!

I guess there would be lots of things to comment on, give additional details but I'm not having the patience for that. xD May add later, though, and also people can just ask if they want to know more about my opinions or experiences. ^^

Dun dun dunn what else? oh yes so by the end of completing this meme I'd run through the main game and Legacy. I have yet to play Mark of the Assassin, but I do own it. Didn't buy the prince thing because it didn't seem as interesting and I couldn't have done it with my main Hawke, either.

*cracks knuckes okay explanation time prepare for rambling!

1. I bought the game mostly because the default male Hawke in the trailer looked so badass, and he looked badass in the game, too! Recognizable, too. I didn't get the same vibe from the female default Hawke, sadly. :/ My Hawke ended up being everything I usually don't do - male character, mage... Seriously. I usually only EVER play female avatars, and I usually don't like mage gameplay but homg force magic + elemental magic was way too fun! *evil cackling* Something about smashing my enemies to the ground, blasting them away, knocking them over and so on was the funniest thing ever. FLY YOU TITS! 8DDD Also yes I was a spirit healer but I mostly forgot about my healing skills and yelled at Anders to HEAL HEAL PLEASE ANDERS WHAT ARE YOU DOING??? until I went "oh yeah" and did it myself. (Maybe you can tell I don't micro my companions all that much...)

2. Maybe... 2/3 sarcastic and 1/3 diplomatic or maybe even almost half and half; it depended a lot on who I was dealing with. I think I never picked a red option. O__o Or at least I did it so rarely that I don't even remember doing it. Zero regrets, sarcastic Hawke is hilarious. ^^

3. Mother Hawke got into my bad book when she blamed ME for Bethany's death initially, but she was sweet enough, and caring enough in the end, so I had my Hawke be in good terms with her in general. I DO think she was pretty unfair, though, honestly! xD How about getting a job mum, so your sons don't have to support only themselves but you also??? Hello, we're working as smugglers? After the Deep Roads she obviously wouldn't have needed to, but jeez, before that I think Hawke and Carver could have used some help getting money in! xD Carver was a big tit, but he was MY big tit, and my Hawke tried to be civil with him. He really was almost cool when he wanted to be, that Carver! Too bad that he mostly didn't want to! xD But looks like my Hawke also was a bit of a tit during Legacy. I realized a bit late that maybe the obvious choice would have been to take CARVER instead of Aveline omg! Oh well, too late now (I'm a one-save-per-playthrough wonder.) Aaaand Gamlen. Let's not talk about Gamlen.

4. All aboard the pro-mage train toot toot! I have too many thoughts about this to be coherent or even have any real idea what I actually think, other than I don't think that the current Circle system works, and the Templars exploit their status and treat mages like sub-humans/elves. D: I don't know what would be a good alternative, though. I also think that a lot of the cases where mages caved in to demons and blood magic was because the Chantry/Templars pushed them to it (not purposefully but with their actions anyway). Not all of them, there are assholes everywhere, but a lot of them probably did. Ehh... as I said, I mostly have THOUGHTS.

5. This first year is the first time-jump, yes? Sooo it will have been tough times for Hawke & Hawke's family. Mourning Bethany, mourning the loss of their place in Lothering, all their friends there, and so on. Carver and Hawke will have worked their asses off with the smugglers and gaining contacts and possibly enemies and dodging Templars and the City Guard. It must not have been a very fun year, but I imagine my Hawke will have joked and sarcasmed through it like a champion. That would be his way of dealing with feelings - pretending that they don't actually hurt, showing a smile or a grin to ward against all evil. Something like that.

6. I'd seen pictures and meta about Anders even before I read the game and he looked interesting and nice (I am only NOW playing through Awakening), and then I met him in-game and just went 8D I LIKE YOU YOU'RE COOL *half-accidentally smashes flirt button*. On the other hand he was a massive jerk sometimes, and plenty scary some other times. He's... complicated. I adore him and I want to hug him, but I can also look at him and his actions critically. Everything about him hurts ow somebody take my feelings...? To paraphrase Hawke, you can love someone but not like everything about them and everything they do. But he likes cats. Also he has a nice voice I like his voice. A lot of people apparently liked him better in Awakening but I guess it comes from what everyone played first. I haven't been too excited about him in Awakening tbh. Something about him reminds me too much of Alistair in that game. BUT it does give some new perspective to the character and makes me notice the glimpses of the old Anders that are still there in the DA2 Anders. :)

7. I don't own the Prince DLC so I can't say SEBASTIAN (which I probably would based on what I've seen and heard) so Carver. I luv you, bro, but you're such a tit sometimes! Best rivals! (Really though he seemed to gain rivalry points for pretty much everything so why not breathing as well? Probably also yawning, tripping down a flight of stairs, and eating.)

8. Anders. 8) I couldn't help it even though he repeatedly told me he'd only hurt me, and despite of Varric's concern. I did suspect his actions and I didn't like the "if you don't do this you don't really love me" bullcrap he pulled but otherwise he was so SWEET and CUTE and... apparently also kind of kinky (based on party banter in Mark of the Assassin) iasoödhiasguidf this romance just kills me okay? It's been hard to romance someone else on the other playthroughs I've been running haha!

9. Aveline was my default tank, only occasionally replaced by Fenris, and Anders pretty much never left the party since he joined. I most often ran with Merrill in the third spot because I love my apostates (and I laughed way too hard when I came up with the name for the gang it's embarrassing), but occasionally I'd take Varric or Isabela instead. Mostly Varric. Legacy I ran with Varric, Aveline, and Anders (oops sorry Carver I'm an idiot sometimes!), and Mark of the Assassin with Aveline, Anders, and Tallis (obvs.)

10. The Arishok was so so... I don't even know. He was fascinating. I hold that I will never understand the Qunari, and gods know I understood the Arishok even less, but he was so cool though. And intimidating holy heck. How are you that intimidating just sitting down??? D: Also yes Sandal. That kid is nightmare material, but also super fascinating like what even??? Also Faenriel the half-elf dreamer I mean oooh wow.

11. My Hawke was horrified of how the Qunari treat their Saarebas but he also didn't hate the Qunari as a whole. He was fascinated by them and didn't understand them, and didn't want the situation roll downhill to war, so he tried to advocate for peace but like so many things Hawke stuck his nose to, that too seemed to be inevitable, haha. :D He was really upset when the invasion began.

12. I apparently killed everyone who would have appeared in cameos HAHA oh no. I was really star-struck by Alistair though. I really did try to romance him in DA:O with poor results because he was one of those followers (like Merrin in DA2) that I was almost supernaturally good at first pleasing with something and then doing something that upset them so my relationship with Alistair teetered somewhere in the neutral sphere, almost on the negative side, even. And then I read somewhere that Alistair is probably the easiest one to romance in DA:O and I just ??? I bumped into Bann Tegan and Leliana in Mark of Assassin and was disappointed that I couldn't chat with them more. I would have loved to chat with Leliana. ^^ She was my eventual LI in DA:O. That was an accident but a happy one. Nothing ever really happened because it was too late in the game but oh well.

13. Mages. Nothing to add, really.

14. Isabela really scarpered just before the Qunari invasion on my playthrough so she would actually not be around seeing that but in my headcanon she stuck around and secretly met with Merrill because they seemed to be quite good friends, really. :) This was sparked by the sarcastic Hawke line "So I shouldn't slit my wrists and dance naked under the moonlight just to fit it?" and Anders' comment to that: "I'd like to see that." I almost fell from my chair laughing OMG ANDERS STOP.

15. The Gang, party banter, flashy combat, less mobs that use the freaking asshole OVERPOWER ability that made me scream and pull my hair out in DA:O, all the feels, choices (ow ow ow), dialogue wheel, voiced Hawke... the list goes on. :)

16. So few armor models :(, recycled maps, genlock alphas, dps sink bosses, looooong cooldown on healing skills, spiders that gave me heart attacks suddenly bursting from the ceiling ARGH AAAAH, Hawke's home clothes (you have no style Hawke), underwhelmingly generic custom Hawke options and no blood smear for custom Hawkes etc there's stuff I didn't like but nothing very dramatic. Didn't stop me from enjoying the game. :)

17. *DA obsession intensifies*. I have never had this many feels about a video-game before I must be playing wrong games.


IdaHarra's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Hullo! I'm a 22-year-old Finnish translation student who's grown a liking for all sorts of arts. I love drawing and painting and molding and stitching up clothes without a sewing machine. I also write fantasy, but I write in Finnish so you won't get the chance to enjoy it any time soon. :D

I am a proud daemian, which makes people think I'm weird (and no, it's got nothing to do with demons)but they think I'm a bit weird anyway, so it doesn't matter.

Current Residence: Finland
Favourite genre of music: I like movie soundtracks. Them instrumental ones. Also, Irish folk is lovely.
  • Mood: Artistic
  • Listening to: The click of the keyboard
  • Reading: Game of Thrones
  • Watching: Supernatural
  • Playing: Tomb Rider 1 !!!
  • Eating: joulutorttus
  • Drinking: Tea and limenade.

I always get ideas for comic books or graphic novels, but after drawing three or four pages, I lose the momentum, and the project dies. Same happens with all kinds of things, but with comic books it's particularly annoying because then it's not the matter of losing momentum as such, but more like being tired of drawing, wearing oneself out. I work much better in spurts than in marathon.

It never occurred to me that while I may or may not be incapable of DRAWING a comic, I could try my hand at writing one. I got CeltX (a good, free script writing tool) for an assignment (writing a scene for a tv show) and it's been sitting unused ever since, and just yesterday it hit me. Why on Earth do I not WRITE A SCRIPT if I can't put the story into prose form, and can't draw it?

I think I've written about 15 script pages since then. And it's been brilliant. I have visuals twirling in my head. Pretty pictures in a style that reminds me of Marvel and Modesty Blaise, and a new-ish Tex Willer I read a couple of years back. I think it was a Tex Willer anyway. I can never pull that off if and when I decide to start working on the actual comic, working from the script you know, but that doesn't matter. As long as the pictures float around in my head, I'm happy. I like writing what I see without worrying about the language and syntax and that kind of things. xD No one else needs to see the script! :D

I'm writing about an angel and a demon who start investigating why the angel now carries a child of a human and a demon, because she is neither, obviously. They run around my home town (masked into someplace else) and the general whereabouts, hire a folklore specialist and a shaman guy to help them, and explore Finnish mythology, general demonology and religion, and their own troubled pasts. Someone's going to kill me for blasphemy, but people have written worse things. :D Just look at Supernatural.

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